From the heart of a special needs Mother...

From the heart of a special needs Mother...

Posted by Kimberly Michaels on 17th Mar 2016

10948967-1588826114773360-5102812-n.jpg  Being Proactive and creating a winning day ... From the heart of a special needs Mom.

I am a single mother of a little girl, well, not so little anymore. She is 17, beautiful, loving, my best friend, intuitive and brings an abundance of joy to my life and those around her. With this said, I want to talk about some of the challenges I face with her diagnosis of Down Syndrome. I don't like to label, because, well for one, the umbrella of differences just within the Down Syndrome Community are huge. Some of my daughters challenges are transitions, stubbornness and not understanding the time and the urgency of getting on a schedule. Mornings are where my patience needs to be at it's best. 6 am the alarm goes off, whew, not a morning person, I hit the snooze until 6:25. I say a quick prayer for God's love and patience, kiss my little girl on the forehead, kiss my puppy Sammy on his head and pull myself to my feet. Over the past year I have made a proactive decision to create a beautiful space every morning, this actually starts the evening before by making sure dishes are at least in the dishwasher, home is tidy, lunch is somewhat pre-made and clothes are laid out.

I then proceed to do 5 simple things that put my mind in a great space and fill my home wth the ambiance of a winning mood to the beginning of a new day.

1. I light a candle for ambiance

2. I open the slider for some fresh air

3.I put my tea kettle on

4. I find some great gentle worship music or soft music.

5. I breathe :)

These 4 steps have made a huge change for me and my level of patience to proceed to my next step.... waking my daughter up.

Remember... Once in a while, they may miss the bus, or go out with teeth unbrushed.... THIS IS OK.... this is the small stuff... If our kids get off to a great day, we get off to a great day.