About Us...

Welcome to our journey :)

My name is Kimberly Michaels.   I am the co-creator and owner of "Montana’s Heart Clothing Company."

My journey began in 1992 re-purposing one-of-a-kind vintage vests by hand dying and embellishing vests and ties purchased from antique shops around California.  The line was initially named "Vintage Vests.” 

My 1st success was a beautiful boutique in Studio City on Ventura  Blvd., then another in Malibu beach that carried the line and was re-selling continuously.  The line was expanding quickly and I hired a representative to help with the sales, I had now gone from a small vintage suitcase door to door, to a showroom in the California Mart. The jump from hobby to mainstream production then changed the name to "Kimberly Fossler Designs.”  This was fun… exciting… and scary...   I had an eye for what I liked and what would sell, but taking an idea from concept to finished design to production was a road I needed to pave.  Step by step I learned the ropes ... from dye houses, sample makers, cutters, sewers, trimmers, quality control, merchandising, to selling the line.

I quickly learned that this wasn't just a business  it was a complete lifestyle... but I loved it! 

Over the course of 10 yrs. "Kimberly Fossler Designs” became known in the missy/contemporary world and sold to moderate to better boutiques and department stores nationwide.

In 1998 my daughter was born with unforeseen needs… Down Syndrome to be exact.  I continued with the line for another year, but with the demands of being a new mom and new to the world of special needs, I had a new road to pave.   Something had to give.  So I made the decision of closing "Kimberly Fossler Designs" and moving to a small mountain area where my daughter, who had severe upper respiratory challenges, could have clean air and heal her lungs. this was a great place to relocate, it was beautiful and offered four amazing seasons... a first for me. About a year later a small retail space opened up and with the stock from Kimberly Fossler designs and my Mom's antique collection we opened "Montana Joey Clothing Company”, the flip side of wholesale…  Retail.

"Montana Joey Clothing Company” opened its doors in 2001 in the small village of Pine Mountain Club, Ca

Over the course of 13 years the boutique grew to over 1800 square ft., carrying moderate to better lines for Men, Women and Children, footwear , jewelry and Home Décor... it was an amazing 13 years of watching my daughter grow up and having her be a part of the boutique. Montana loved to socialize and host our guests., we put on yearly fashion shows , book signings, trunk shows and private parties for our clients....well, friends... because most all of our clients became close friends. This was a season of my life I hold very dear to my heart. 

"Montana Joey Clothing Company" existed because of Persistence, Passion and family and friends who provided inspiration , love and encouragement along the way.

  We made the difficult decision to close  the boutique in 2014  as my daughter Montana Joey needed to be given the experience of an integrated school environment... leading us to Dana Point , Ca

Thus bringing us  "Montana’s Heart" a faith based line, driven 100% by my daughter Montana Joey.  Our inspirational resort and gift apparel is not only beautiful, comfortable and timeless, but is meant to encourage and spread HOPE.  A percentage of proceeds is put aside to enhance the lives of children and adults with different abilities to local programs focusing on socialization of our , now, young adults. 

Montana's Heart can be seen at Laguna Cliffs, Marriott boutique and gift shop, Double Tree Hilton in Dana Point and other nearby locations in the area.

"Faith Hope & Love... but the greatest of these is love"

Thank you for stopping by

with love,

Kimberly &  Montana